Welcome to the Kitchen Success Club – GOLD Level Access!  

This level is available to anyone that has bought any The Triumphant Chef product from either Amazon or our Website stores.

If you have not purchased a product from us, you are still welcome to enroll in our Kitchen Success Club – SILVER Level.  It still have a lot of value at no cost to you.  If you are not enrolled yet, and don’t have access to the bonus cookbooks, discount code for future purchases, and Kitchen Tips and Tricks newsletter offered in the Silver Level, please go here to learn more and enroll.

If you have purchased a product from either our Amazon or Website stores, you can upgrade to the GOLD level for free!  All you need is your name (I’m sure you know that), your valid email address that you can check, and your order number.  Why upgrade?  Just check here for the GOLD level enrollment form to find out all the reasons you will want to enroll.