How hard is it to roast a corned beef brisket?

This is Chef Kenny with another kitchen cooking experience.

So I roasted my first corned beef brisket tonight.  I was a little late getting this done, as St Patrick’s Day was yesterday, but I had already purchased the pre-seasoned brisket.  Let me show you how easy this is to do.

1) The brisket was a 3 lb 3 oz brisket that I purchased at Safeway under the Safeway Farms brand.  It said that it was a flat cut and pre-seasoned.


2) I pulled out my faithful old roasting pan and placed a rack in it, as per the instructions on the packaging.  Then I heated the gas oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


3) I freed the brisket from its plastic cocoon, and placed it on the rack, fat side up, again as per the instructions.  Then I spread the spices from the included pack onto the top.


4) I covered the pan with tin foil, placed in the oven, and roasted for 160 minutes.  The instructions said to roast for 50 minutes per pound.


5) When the time was up, I checked the temperature on the top of the foil.  It was a hot 314 degrees.  I had better be careful to not get burned when removing the pan.


6) I removed the pan from the oven, using our fabulous Super Flex Silicone Oven Mitts.  I did not feel any heat as I moved the pan to the counter, and my hands were well protected from any harm.


7) I had previously laid down 2 of the next gen large Heavy Duty Silicone Hot Pad Trivets on the counter to protect it from the pan heat.  I placed the pan directly on top of these 6mm thick trivets.chef-kenny-first-corned-beef-brisket-7-web

8) Before removing the brisket from the pan, I checked the temperature of its outside crust.  It was a toasty 171.6 degrees.


9) Using one of those same Super Flex Silicone Oven Mitts, I removed the brisket from the pan and placed on the cutting board.  Yep, I could handle the hot meat directly and firmly; there was no need to use a separate turner to lift it.


10) Holding the brisket steady with the same mitted hand, I began cutting it into slices.  I did not have to take out a clumsy fork to stab the brisket, to hold it in place.


11) Stopping half way through the slicing, I took a temperature reading to see just how warm the center was.  It was certainly done, but not overdone, at 150 degrees.


12) After finishing the cut, I plated the slices with a dipping dish containing spicy mustard.  Yummy.  I will certainly enjoy eating those slices.


The silicone products used in this presentation are from our The Triumphant Chef kitchen line.  The really flexible silicone mitts protect your hands and the really thick silicone trivets protect your surfaces.  They are available on Amazon for immediate purchase.