Welcome to our Government Sales Page.


This Page is Appropriate for You if You Are a:

  • US Government Buyer with a Purchasing Card (P-Card)
  • US Government Contracting Officer needing to fill a Small Business Set-aside
  • US Government Small Business Specialist looking for viable suppliers
  • Government Contractor looking for Small Business Set-aside suppliers
  • Government Contractor looking for Sub-Contracting Suppliers
  • Government Buyers or Contractors looking for custom mission specific products
  • State or Local government buyers looking for Set-aside suppliers

What you Need to Know About The Triumphant Chef

  • The Triumphant Chef is a brand that is owned 100% by Contract Highlighting Inc.
  • Contract Highlighting Inc is registered with SAM.GOV and setup for P-Card purchases
  • Contract Highlighting Inc has SBA Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) Certification
  • Contract Highlighting Inc does have an active CAGE CODE
  • For our Capabilities Statement, please email us at govsales@thetriumphantchef.com

What Type of Products Can You Source from The Triumphant Chef?

We specialize in kitchen and grill silicone items such as oven mitts, spatulas, trivets, and brushes.  We also offer custom design and production of mission specific items, as requested.

For Small Purchases by P-Card Holders:

Small quantities of our products (<100) can be purchased directly from our Amazon Brand page.  Amazon does list our VOSB certification in our profile.  Please go to The Triumphant Chef Amazon Brand Page and purchase there.

For Larger Purchases by P-Card Holders:

For anything over 100 units, please email govsales@thetriumphantchef.com with your contact information, or call 1.855.639.9269.  State what you are looking for, quantities, sku if known, your contact info, and your hours of availability.  We will get back with your right away.

For Contracting Officers or Small Business Specialists seeking additional information:

Call us at 1.855.639.9269 or email us at govsales@thetriumphantchef.com.  State the nature of the information you need or the project you want to discuss with us, your contact info, and your hours of availability.  We will get back with your right away.

For Contracting Officers or Government Contractors Seeking Custom Design and Production:

If you have a custom product requirement for mission specific situations and think we may be able to design and supply this need, please call us at 1.855.639.9269.  DO NOT email any mission specific requirements to us without initial telephone interview first!

For Government Contractors Seeking Sub-Contracting Suppliers:

If you need our products or custom design and production to fulfill part of your government contract, we are happy to discuss our abilities with you.  Also, if you need to fulfill a Small Business set-aside, we can help you with that too.  Just call us at 1.855.639.9269 or email us at govsales@thetriumphantchef.com with the details, your best contact information, and your hours of availability.  We will get back with you right away.