Billing Policy

Credit and Debit Cards

Who Actually Handles Your Credit Card Information?

We offer the ability to pay with credit and debit cards through the following secure offsite processing partners.  Each have their own policies that can be found at their websites.  Because of this, none of your debit or credit card payment details are stored or maintained on our site.

We use these secure offsite processors:

  • Paypal
  • Pay by Amazon

When Should You Expect to be Charged?

We only authorize the amount necessary to cover your product order, any shipping, and any sales tax at the time you submit your order.  Basically, we “reserve” the funds with our processing partners, but do not actually collect them yet.

At the time your products are shipped, we actually charge your credit or debit card entered at the time of order.  Basically, we then collect the funds that we earlier reserved.

If we have to ship a partial shipment due to a backorder, we will charge for just the product shipped and the appropriate shipping fees and tax for the shipped product.  The remainder will be charged at the time of shipment of the backordered product.

What If You Don’t Understand?

Please contact us at our phone number at the bottom of the page.  We will be happy to clear up any confusion.